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Guestbook for Dream Flyover
Mary Gorman, Above the Clouds(non-registered)
Dear Bill,
Your photos from the Above the Clouds May 27th Dream Flyover are just amazing! The kids were shouting and cheering as you circled above, and they will be thrilled with your photos and video of their Dream Pilots, Chris Donovan, Sr. and Chris Donovan, Jr., and their helicopter, as well as the Boston Firefighters' and Police Drive-by. It is very special for the children to see photos of themselves and their homes, from the sky, along with the video of you flying into their neighborhoods with the Boston skyline on the horizon. The ATC Flyover was a unique experience to lift the spirits for kids who face adversity. YOUR photos allow the kids and all of us to relive the experience, share with friends and family, and view the world with a wider lens - sparking imagination and hope for the future.

Thank you so very much Bill, for sharing your time and talent to capture these images for the 30+ children who enjoyed the Above the Clouds May 27th Dream Flyover.


Mary Gorman
Development and Program Manager
Above the Clouds
Norwood, MA
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