Professional Drone Pilot For Hire With A Commercial Pilots License

Flights are conducted by a Licensed FAA Commercial Pilot. This offers a safety margin that other companies can not offer with an experienced pilot at the controls. What do you get when you have a licensed pilot at the controls? Some of the best Aerial Photography and Cinematography capabilities in the USA!

Flying Drones professionally, we specialize in Aerial Photography & Aerial Video. We also create a highly specialized close range type of aerial media for creative clients around the world. Boston based we fly drones capture amazing close range aerial photography and video via UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). These highly maneuverable advanced remote controlled aircraft also know as multi-copters. 

They are light weight, battery powered and they fly like a helicopter with vertical flight, quiet, with six electric or eight motors. This flying platform is for a new type of creative aerial media that is cutting edge and catching on fast. Perspective is everything. Aerial perspectives reveals things that were unseen. The angles we can achieve and places we can fly these captivate and amaze! Video production will never be the same. Real Estate developers show views from floors yet to be completed. Feature Films can now obtain that aerial shot without a helicopter.

Aerial media for real estate marketing. Real estate sales agents need an edge to market their properties in a way that will grab potential clients attention. With low altitude close range aerial photography and video drone.  Here's an example of how we can help you market your listing.  We will even provide you with an aerial print as a way for you to thank the new buyer.  That print will surely remind them of you when it's time to sell :)

Sample VideoJust a sample of what we can do with aerial photography

Here are some other uses for our services.

Marketing / Advertising, Building Contracts
Construction, Land Development
Real Estate, Insurance
Tourism, Land Appraisal
Business Inventory, Wildlife Management
Forestry, Archaeology
Aerial Data Collection, Resorts and Recreation
Legal / Forensic Data Collection
Fire Control, Golf Course Planning
Auto Dealer Inventory, Retail Site Planning
Personal Property Documentation, Estate Photography
Private Investigation, Law Enforcement
Insurance Damage Assessment, Video Surveillance
Structure and Barrier Inspection, Earthquake Damage Inspection
Video Production, TV News / Commercials